Boxing provides a total body workout that builds strength, stamina, agility, improves co-ordination and is great for weight loss.

As a competitive boxer competing for clubs such as Fitzroy Lodge ABC I have benefited from excellent coaching from leading trainers and I am proud to pass this knowledge on to others.

There are popular fitness exercise and fitness classes and bootcamps that have introduced some of the sports fitness exercises to a wider audience. My approach is different and through the ABAE (Amateur Boxing Association of England) Boxing Tutor Award I have learnt how to introduce the skills, discipline, rewards and benefits of non-contact boxing to both my male and female clients.

These training methods can provide a fun, challenging and safe workout. If you are looking for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) they can push you to your limit and provide an excellent non-contact way of learning about the sport to everyone no matter your age, fitness level or experience.

Boxing Training and Fitness is great for your mental health and wellbeing:

  • Switch off from the outside world and live in the present moment. Boxing requires focus and you won’t have time to think about anything else.
  • The increased production of endorphins help regulate emotion and leaving you feeling great even after you leave the gym.
  • Learn more about yourself as you develop good technique and precision moving from what feels like random movements to combinations and sequences of moves.
  • Improved mental agility from having to react quickly and make instant decisions.
  • Overcome stress and anger by learning to channel it and release it safely.
  • Increased your stamina through high intensity workouts that benefit your heart and lungs.
  • Improved core strength and stability as your core muscles are worked continuously to keep balance.

I maintain a flexible and personalised approach and can provide private coaching on a one to one basis giving beginners a fun introduction to the sport or if you are interested I can integrate the training and techniques into your personal workouts which is a great way to decrease stress and increase confidence and wellbeing.

NOTE: Flashy robes and silky shorts are not required and requests for eye of the tiger to be played during training are likely to be denied.