Building muscle and developing your physique isn’t as simple as picking up a fitness or bodybuilding magazine and following a couple of pages of text and pictures. It requires a real commitment and work ethic that you just don’t normally see as part of everyday life. To get you to your best you are going to need a personal exercise routine that is going to increase your strength and muscle mass.

Your physiology, training experience and goals are unique to you and so together we will develop a challenging program to push you to your limits and deliver maximum results. If you want to reach your absolute best that your training will also involve nutrition and dietary supplements to get you looking your ultimate best (eat wrong and you won’t get strong!).

How often you train will be decided by your lifestyle and your fitness goals but if you are serious then you should aim to train with me at least 3 times a week for the first 3 months.

It doesn’t matter what fitness level you start at! What matters is that you achieve your goals and get results!